Company History

JH Lavender & Co Ltd was founded in 1917 by Mr. John Herbert Lavender.

The company was founded to serve the motorcycle industry and such great names as Ariel, AJS, BSA,
Matchless, Norton, Triumph and Villiers, along with many others too numerous to mention. Vast experience
in marine engineering parts was also gained as major suppliers to British Seagull and British Anzani, both
being bywords in the small marine engine world.

That era coincided with an enormous demand for transport, fuelled by the returning servicemen and women,
many of whom had their first experiences of motorcycles, boats or cars while at arms. Motorcycle competitions
had also returned in 1919. Hill-climbs, sprints and trials regained all their pre-war popularity, while the Isle of
Man TT and Brooklands were back in 1920.

JH Lavender produced sand and gravity aluminum diecastings solely until the 1930’s, when the company
purchased its first pressure diecasting machine, in the 200 ton capacity range.

During the following decades, whilst continuing to purchase additional diecasting plant, the company continued
to develop its extensive knowledge and experience in the pressure diecasting industry. This has proven a vital
foundation upon which the company stands today.

Full CNC machining operations were introduced in the late 1990’s and today JH Lavender has a comprehensive
range of CNC machining equipment available to meet its customers' needs.

Over the years the company has up graded its casting facilities by replacing machinery in line with the latest
technological developments. At the turn of the Millennium a further significant step was made by the introduction
of fully automated diecasting cells incorporating 6 axis robotics.

There are only 5 diecasters in the UK with machines in this high tonnage range and JH Lavender is proud to be one of them.